K-Media Interview – Peng Guan Ying: The Healing Type God – Warm and Deeply Affectionate

  K-Media “大K駕到” Peng Guanying: The Healing Type God – Warm and Deeply Affectionate
The beginning of the New Year in 2017, according to actor Peng Guanying, can be described as a good start with booming business. His role as Emperor Wu in “Princess of Lanling King” was awarded the Lifestyle annual breakthrough male actor award. Indeed, Peng Guanying almost perfectly interpreted the role of a dominating king in the drama. At the same time, during his fifth year since debut, the year 2016 has brought in beautiful changes and transformation to [his] acting career. Not only [did he] profited from both popularity and great word of mouth, [it] has also provided incredible confidence to Peng Guanying, who challenged period drama for the first time. Therefore, in his award acceptance speech, he humbly expressed, “[I am] very grateful for everyone’s support and likes, only through working harder in acting would I be able to complement those who like me.”
Looking back at Peng Guanying’s star journey, from [his] 2011 debut till now, using his tall frame and good looks, as well as solid acting skills learned from acting school, [he] has created a series of screen styles. [He] can perform an obsessively gentle yet deeply affectionate sweet guy; yet [he can also] command a deplorable stubborn personality. As someone who is consistently humble and dependable in the entertainment industry, Peng Guanying has perfectly performed the role of Minister of Works Emperor Wu in “Princess of Lanling King”. In the drama, just like his name, he is icy, brave, and dependable, and will bristle with anger for his loved ones. The fully dominating tolerance and faithful love have captured the teenage hearts of tens of thousands of fan girls. Because of this, he has collected a bunch of “dandelion.” 2016, accordingly to Peng Guanying, has a special meaning. Currently, he bears the titles of “new costume play god”, “best boyfriend” by netizens. [His] future acting career will welcome new faces and opportunities.
A winter afternoon in Beijing in 2017, K-Media Korean Media “大K駕到” interviewed with Peng Guanyuan to further understand this warm man.
Q: [You] have just awarded Lifestyle’s annual breakthrough male actor, how do you feel about this title?
A: [I] received it with shame, but [I] must still thank Lifestyle’s recognition and fan’s support.
Q: In the recently passed 2016, [you] have achieved greatly, did you give yourself a year-end evaluation?
A: I feel that [my] hard work is perhaps not enough. [I] hope to continue to make persistent efforts in the new year, and be able to bring more and better performance to my friends.
Q: [You] portrayed the deeply affectionate yet dominating Emperor Wu in the hit TV show “Princess of Lanling King,” are you this type [of person] in real life? How did you interpret this character during the filming process?
A: I believe that when every actor is creating a character, [he] will find the things that are similar between the character and his own personality and amplify it; and at the end, interpret it. I feel that dominance is not entirely the attributes in my own personality. This character is quite faithful in terms of relationship. Therefore, you will feel that [he] is relatively dominating. When interpreting the character in the earlier stages, I feel that the script has provided a lot of help to actors. Because we always say the script, the script, the basis of the play, if there is no good script, no matter how hard the actor performs, it will be fruitless. When I read the script, this character is very lively in my head; therefore, [I] only need to find the portion of my personality that is similar to his, and place it into [the character], then the character will naturally come to live.
Q: “Princess of Lanling King” is your first period drama, is there any expectation you had towards the show in the earlier stages?
A: As an actor, it is quite simple, it is to hope that the show I made can be shown to everyone, and then to [hope] that the character portrayed can be liked by everyone. This is perhaps the expectation for everyone who participated in this line of work. But really, this drama has waited for a long time, waited for three years, at that time in my heart, [I feel that] this character will be my regret because I was really afraid that it will never be viewed by the audience. When it piloted, my heart feels very grateful, and [I] received many decent ratings and validation, I feel that this is something especially good.
Q: You just said this drama was piloted after three years, [did you] ever thought this drama will receive such great ratings?
A: I believe an actor should think about how to portray this character, and how to be able to broadcast the feelings felt by the character to the audience. This is something that should be thought about in our career. In terms of high ratings, I actually don’t think that is important, I cared more about the process. What did you learn what did you provide in this process, and not thinking about the final result I will get and what I can receive in the end.
Q: In “Princess of Lanling King,” you portrayed Emperor Wu, in fact, it has deeply affected people’s hearts. In terms of some fans saying “if you want to marry [someone], marry Emperor Wu”, how do you feel about this topic?
A: Quite good, quite touched, I believe Emperor Wu will be happier than me when [he] hears these words.
Q: When portraying all these characters, which character do you believe is most similar to your own personality?
A: Emperor Wu. When I read the script, I was quite moved by this character. When he faces many failures, [he] steadily do his own thing. He continues to do things quietly in terms of relationship and career, and will not hastily try to achieve a certain result. I feel this in this aspect, [it is] perhaps similar to me in reality.
Q: Because lately there is rumor that many actors use body double to act, how do you view this topic?
A: I feel that body double is merely a job in the film crew. Because the actor is unable to accomplish many things in the technical aspects, such as fight scenes, [he] does want to drag on the filming process in the middle, therefore, when I am unable to accomplish certain fight scenes, I will also use a body double.
Q: Currently, many netizens like to put you and little flower (Kristy Zhang) together as a CP, how do you view this? Do you like their affection towards you?
A: I believe this is a validation, no matter if there is CP or not, when actor acts, if you need to perform as a couple, you need to let other people believe that you have the potential to be together. This is something the actor must do. Because it was like that when you originally tried to interpret this character’s relationships; therefore, [if it is] fully emerged, [it is] a style of validation towards our profession.
Q: [You] have performed many films, among the actress you have cooperated, who do you think best coordinated with you?
A: All were quite good, the coordination between actors really need to be nurtured. Perhaps when entering the first stages, everyone will feel a bit foreign and distant, slowly through communication, we will become closer, everyone will have great coordination towards the end of the creation.
Q: There is a topic to tell you what is high beauty value. You possess such high beauty value and long legs; towards your every day personal style, do [you] have any unique opinion? Or what is your opinion on fashion?
A: High beauty value is an adjective, to describe this person is very handsome. I believe you can view high beauty value into two parts. Face value is a noun, it merely points out face value. In terms of tall, when I stood up, I am taller than others; perhaps that’s how high beauty value came about. In terms of my normal fashion style, I believe comfort is key, don’t be too reserved, yet don’t be too deliberate, wear your own style.
Q: Currently, many entertainers like to go on variety shows. Yesterday when we rehearsed, your many fans hope that you can go on variety shows more; do you like going on variety – this type of shows?
A: I normally don’t take a lot of selfies, including now when I am holding the mic in front of the camera, [my heart] is still perturbed and very nervous. When facing any shots outside of live filming cameras, I still feel anxious. Therefore, in terms of variety shows, actually I have worked hard to try, but I have discovered that perhaps this is a brand new type of work. In the future, if there is this type of opportunity, I will perhaps try again more. [I] will consider variety shows later, because I know that many fans hope to have more opportunities to see me in real life, I need more time.
Q: Normally, when many fans comment or like your blog, do you normally read their comments?
A: Definitely yes, in fact sometimes I will diligently read everyone single comment. This is a type of support and care; you can be awarded many good and bad things from there.
Q: Sometimes on Weibo, there will be posts with your photos and gifs, do you accept fans’ mischief?
A: I have indeed created many expressions in this film, then mischief happens. I can accept [this], perhaps this is another type of expression to like [something]. If your character can bring everyone rewards and joy, then [it is] enough. This is something provided by actors in this occupation.
Q: In this new year, what do you want to say to the dandelions who love you?
A: Live and learn, don’t be those who constantly lowered their heads towards their phones, put a lot of time into reading and learning. I believe this will turn into something very rewarding in the future five to ten years. Hope that in the New Year, you are healthy, all your wishes will come true. At lastly, like that saying written in school, learn properly and continue to improve.
Q: Can you promise them to update Weibo more?
A: In terms of updating Weibo, I will try to keep up with the pace everyone wants, and update it more in the future. I will try my best to take more pictures and share with everyone.
Pleasant chatting times have passed by quickly. One afternoon together has allowed us to meet this warm, truthful, healing type man. It is definitely not easy for an actor to encounter a role that is truly fitting to himself. Therefore, Peng Guanying cherished this even more. He admitted that in the future, [he] will continue to work hard to become a great actor and to bring greater work to everyone.

Source:  K-Media
Credit:  Translated by Vanilla Cupcake @ Onehallyu.com (http://www.Onehallyu.com)